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To give you an impression of how cool they are, we made some games free to download! Check for DOWNLOAD links.

By paying you agree to: these rules (also info on system specifications)


Speedboat game: Race against the competition through a town and through mountains. A game made by Daniel Cremers and Gonzalo Diaz.
Game includes the source code, so you can make your own game of it after downloading the 3drad game engine.
Now available for free! DOWNLOAD

Forest of the Undead: You have crashed your car in a dark forest. Bad luck for you, because it is ful of flesh eating zombies! Kill as many zombies to gain points and health. I am sure you will not last long... A game made by RobertooMoldavoo.
This game is now available for free! DOWNLOAD

Santas Shooter: Fight against the enemies of Christmas and try to drop the gifts for the children while you fight! A game made by Gonzalo Diaz.

4x4 Stadium: Race as a single player or against opponents. The game consists of multiple tracks and different car paints. Try to keep on the track, driving a tough sand road! A game made by Gonzalo Diaz.

Extreme Indie Racing: Indie racing is a racing simulator located in an industrial ghetto. Explosive racing and massive jumps make this game extreme fun. Menu options allow player to select number of laps, easy or hard game play and 1 of 4 cars to choose from. Easy game play has slower completion, bonuses are marked by animated sign. After each race the players car looses condition in tyre grip, suspension handling, engine power and fuel consumption. So it is necessary for the the player to win and earn cash to pay for upgrades tune-ups and fuel.

Precious Gems: collect all the gems rolling with a ball. There are many levels and different levels of difficulty. A game made by Gonzalo Diaz.

Crashing Boxes: rotate the chamber to crash as many simmilar boxes together to gain points. This game really rocks! A game made by Gonzalo Diaz.
Here is Gonzalo's developer website:
Game now available for free! DOWNLOAD

FPS game creator for 3dRAD: ever wanted to make your own first player shooter game? Use this tool together with the 3dRAD game engine and start making serious games! Made by Gonzalo Diaz.

explosive golf

Bloody Graveyard: one level FPS game made with FPS game creator. Kill as many zomies and try to exit the cursed graveyard as soon as possible! A game made by Gonzalo Diaz.
Here is Gonzalo's developer website:
Game now available for free! DOWNLOAD

Explosive Golf: play golf, but with explosives! Several levels of difficulty. See screenshots and video below. A game made by Gonzalo Diaz.

X file merger: This is a tool (not a game). Merge multiple DirectX files created by Bobs Track Builder and UltimateUnwrap. Made by Gonzalo Diaz.

explosive golf

By paying (ones, no subscription) you agree that: your login is personal. Files and login codes from may not be shared with others. Our games may not be shared or sold. Games you made with the FPS game creator or other game creator projects, may be sold. Games with open source can only be used commercially with completely new graphics and a new name for the game.

Warning! Most of our games require Windows and Microsoft DirectX 9.b and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Runtimes.

System specifications:
All our games run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
They run on all modern computers and should work on the older ones as well. If your PC does not run our games, you can contact us (perhaps we can make them run for you too).



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